Human Resources consulting

Deep experience. Fresh perspective.

With over 20 years of experience in the human resources trenches at privately-held, nonprofit, and/or founder-led organizations, I have first-hand knowledge of the client experience. Unlike many recruiters and consultants, I've been a client, engaged with a wide variety of third parties and experienced long-term outcomes.

Because of this, I take great care to understand the client's perspective, business needs, expectations and any potential barriers to long term success before engaging on contract work. If I don't have the skills or bandwidth for a particular project, I'll say it and offer some referrals if possible. And finally, I'll look for values alignment - a critical factor for building a strong working relationship.

Selected HR Project Work

  • Employment branding

  • Job description development / review / audit

  • Evidence-based talent review process

  • High-potential development program

  • Succession planning

  • Engagement survey / pulse survey

  • Leadership competency model development

  • Team-building facilitation using CliftonStrengths model

  • New manager assimilation process

  • Employee communications: leadership announcements, open enrollment, crisis communication, organizational changes, intranet design, culture and wellness initiatives.

  • Integrated human resources strategic planning

  • Employment policies

  • Employee networks and affinity groups

  • Inclusion and diversity initiatives